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dimanche 10 janvier 2016

Anna di Prospero (Urban self-portrait)

Anna Di Prospero, photographe.

Through the unusual and charming urban self-portraits, Italian photographer Anna Di Prospero explores her own identity. In the middle of huge volumes and colorful architectures, she takes part in the cityscapes in a very pretty way.

"The series Urban Self-portrait belongs to a project called I am here, a photographic work based on the relation between the person and the place
"I have always been intrigued by the effect exercised by a place over the human being, and how the personal experiences influence the perception of a space. There are many types of places: private, public, familiar, social, but what and especially who, defines them? We do".
"In my work I analyze those places, diverting them from their primary function, in order to create new realities and visions.
In the series Urban Self-portrait, the contemporary architecture loses its function as a building, and becomes a dynamic element that physically interacts with the human figure. I've always been intrigued by new architectures because they are symbols of the present and my purpose is to picture myself as part of the era I am living in. I traveled around Europe and USA looking for the latest outstanding architectures, from the Gehry Buildings in Dusseldorf to the High Line in New York. With each of these works, I explored the concept of body, space and interactions.
In my work I am constantly looking for a dialogue between interior and exterior, between inside and outside, between my inner and outer side. I take a portrait of myself in a city, in a hotel room, in front of a contemporary architecture, but I am never the protagonist of the scene; I am a witness of these realities created through the act of photography. And so the photography becomes my medium of interaction with the external dimension and the photo a projection of my inner space".

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